September 23.

Everything has been a huge test; a test of character, a test of my love, a test of my patience, a test of who I am. And though I may not understand it fully, I am trying to grasp it all—whether it takes a day or months or whatever. 
I’ve grown to love and know myself, and that, that is all the certainty that I need. I’ve been there for myself, and it’s the greatest lesson life has ever taught me. I’ve realized a lot about myself, even all my flaws. And I’m not entirely sure if everyone can come to terms with their flaws and their perfections, but I’m glad that I did. I’m crazy, neurotic, hot-headed, impatient, controlling, headstrong, passionate, caring, loving, and surprisingly understanding. Flaws and all, I’m beautiful.
Maybe sometimes I’m too passionate, or too understanding for my own good. And maybe, I just believe in the good of things a little too much. I love things passionately. But sometimes, my passion blinds me.
Why do I still want to love someone who’s hurt me? I’m not quite sure. Maybe I’m afraid. Love is the best, yet frightening thing in the world. I’ve grown to love someone who knows my insides and outs. And I’m afraid to give that to someone else, because I’m not entirely sure if I have it in me again to give so much love and passion to. This is a vital time of my life where I need to be sure of who I am and who I want in my life. And you, you’re there in every picture and aspect of life that I have. I would go to the ends of the Earth for you.
I love you so passionately. This passion I have for you may not be fully understood, and maybe it isn’t meant to be understood. I’ll love you forever. I can’t help it any other way. And I have the highest hopes and faith in you. I want more than the best for you than anyone else in the world. I believe in the greatness of your life, and I hope you see how much I truly desire the best for you. I will forever see all the beauty in you. I will love you, forever, wildly and passionately. 

The Misty Mermaid

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